Please note our membership application form can be download from the SDAF Membership Application navigation tab located above and to the left of this page.

  1. Membership is open to all disabled persons. The current annual membership fee is £10.00. We also offer associate membership.
  2. Members wishing to take part in the SDAF coarse fishing sessions will be charged a fee of £6.00 per session. This helps cover the cost of bait, equipment and any additional costs that may arise. A fee of £7.00 will be charged for arranged transport.  
  3. Please could you notify the Membership or Transport Manager if you are unable to attend any sessions for which transport has been arranged or you could still be charged the £7.00
  4. Members must observe all health and safety advice given by coaches and volunteer helpers.
  5. Risk Assessments will be carried out at all venues used.
  6. Please do not leave any rod/pole unattended whilst you have bait on the hook regardless of where it is, such as, in the water or on the bankside. If you stop fishing for any reason please secure your hook onto the band on the rod/pole.
  7. Members must not use boilies on any freshwater fishing sessions.
  8. Maximum hook size permitted is size 10 and all hooks must be barbless.
  9. To avoid injury members must not cast into another anglers swim.
  10. All litter must be taken home, smokers must take all cigarette butts home in a self-supplied tin or other suitable container.
  11. Members must not interfere with or disturb any wildlife or plants.
  12. All fish should be handled with wet hands or through their wet landing net and returned with care.
  13. Landing nets must be used for all fish 4oz and over.
  14. Members must, by law, purchase a National Rod Licence, which can be purchased from any Post Office. Annual licenses are valid from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. **
  15. All members should inform the Membership Secretary of any special requirements.
  16. All cuts, scratches or wounds should be covered, if you injure yourself during one of our sessions please inform one of the coaches/volunteers.
  17. Members are permitted to use just one rod or pole at any one time.
  18. Please make sure you have appropriate clothing, footwear, food and drink.
  19. Bait is provided but members are welcome to bring their own.*    
  20. No floating baits to be used at any time, this includes floating bread, crisps or any other types of bait that may float on the water’s surface.
  21. All members MUST use the onsite toilets at all times
  22. If wheelchair users need assistance with their toiletry needs or to get to the toilet they will have to bring a carer to assist them, as volunteers are unable to do this due to health and safety issues”.

Please Note:

*  Some additional rules may apply to the waters we use, which are under the control of other clubs or organisations and these must be adhered to.

** National Rod Fishing Licence (Non Migratory Trout and Coarse Fishing): If you are in receipt of the higher rate of Disabled Living Allowance you are entitled to a concessionary National Rod Fishing Licence, which can be purchased from any Post Office and online at You will need to provide proof of your entitlement to DLA.



Richard Young

Telephone: 01473 222240

Vice Chairman.

Paul Sargent

Telephone: 0775 830 4312                 

Membership and Treasurer.

Wendy Flinter

Telephone: 01449 676818  

Environment Agency Hotline Number: 0800 807060

Swan Sanctuary: 01784 431667

RSPCA: 0870 555999