As we start the second half of our 2013 season I think it's a good time to look back at what the SDAF has achieved so far and also compare the season with last year(2012). At least five sessions were cancelled last year all because of the heavy and persistent rain we had, this left us with floods, very muddy and slippery banksides to try and walk on. We have to take the risk injury out of all our sessions by putting the health and safety of our members first and foremost and if when doing a risk assessment we feel there is a risk of injury we take steps to make sure it doesn't happen by cancelling the session.

Fishing wise, I think it's even stevens really some weeks have produced better results than others, but on the whole anglers have a pretty fair chance of catching fish from Woody's Lake. Bait wise bread has become the best bait to use but in general most bait should produce a result, the maggots and pellets we provide will always produce good results. 

Turnouts this year have averaged around 18 anglers per session, which is on par with last year, we have also attracted several new members, who have enjoyed the the usual bankside banter and they have also made some new friends. If you are unable to attend to attend any of the sessions that you have previously booked in for please could you call Wendy as soon as possible please, we then know what equipment is needed for the session.  

It's also good that we have attracted several new volunteer helpers this year 2 of whom have just completed their Level 1 Coaching in Angling courses, which is good for both us and angling, we thank them and all of our volunteers who work hard keeping our anglers catching fish from Woody's Lake. If anyone reading this would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer for the SDAF please see the contacts page of this website.  

By Ian Wood on August 6th, 2013